Sack-O-Skulls : Jamungo Series 3 Chase figure

UPDATE: Sack-O-Skulls is now available. don’t sleep! Almost sold out already.
Check them out here:

A little while back, Jamungo Toys released the BUD series 3 vinyl toys. There are a lot of awesome figures in the series, but none so rare as the figure I designed for the series. My design was selected as the ‘chase’… that is the figure that is the hardest to find… You’d literally have to open 100 packages to stumble across 1 of these figures.
I’m going to make getting one a hellvalot easier for you.


I’ve signed 30 of my chase figures and am going to be making them available in my store. To sweeten the deal, each of these will include an ORIGINAL sketch. Each sketch is unique, no two alike. I’ve even thrown in a vinyl mini-skull sticker.

UPDATE: These will be available Thursday, March 11th at Noon Eastern.

Here are a couple sample Sack-O-Skulls. Remember all 30 sketches are different… and no, sorry you can’t pick your sketch. Click the thumbnails for a larger images.


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  2. Gonzo · March 7, 2010

    Please sell more of those. I need one so bad! Thanks

  3. Bigdavidcannon · March 7, 2010

    Yes Please add some more of these, I’de like one to. I didn’t even know about this tell yesterday. DC

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